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Carnival Of The Animals

Each animal is introduced with a poem written by Ogden Nash about the animal. The verses are interesting and fun. Each piece of music describes an animal. Listen to the "hee-haw of violins and "roar' of pianos. The pairing of the animals' theme music with poetry makes this an outstanding CD performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. This CD is a treasure to listen to with many teaching moments.

Carnival of the Animals - Maestro Classics

With the CD is an information booklet that contains information about the composer Camille Saint-Saens and the verses by Ogden Nash. The booklet is brightly colored and a charm to view.

Carnival of the Animals color pages (pdf)
Print color pages and hand out one to each child. Have children color their page while listen to the Carnival of Animals CD. Replay the music and have the children hold up their color page that matches the music.

Carnival of the Animals - Introduction & Lion Video

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