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*Rosa Parks Day

Rosa Parks Color Page

Rosa Parks Changed The Rules Activity Sheet

Scholastic-Rosa Parks: How I Fought For Civil Rights

Rosa Parks-Great Women


*St. Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas-Discovoring the Truth About Santa Claus
Contains activities for school, home, and church. Has a children's area with printable color pages and activies.

*Doing a Great Job

Gift-A Giant Hug!
Need: rolled paper (shelving, mural, or freezer paper), pencils, yard stick, scissors, glue, crayons, fabric

Give each child a strip of paper about 30 inches long. Trace one of the child's hands at each end of the strip (with fingers pointing out). To make the arms, draw two lines with the yardstick connecting the hands.
Cut out the tracing of the hands and arms. Write on the arm part, "A Giant Hug." Let the children decorate them with crayons and fabric.
Help them fold the paper in thirds so the hands cross over the center. When opened, there's a giant hug!


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