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For a bulletin board make a large earth, have each student trace their hands and write one thing they can do on it to save the Earth. Put the hands around the Earth and write "The Future Of Our Earth Is In Our Hands"

Bring in recycled items to make various art projects out of and have a Recycled Art Show. Can have the children bring in recycled items.

Use a brown paper bag and some newspaper to make a model Earth. Stuff the bag with the paper and close with a twist tie. Paint the Earth blue and then when that dries you can either use printable land forms or have the children use a globe and paint their own.

Have an Earth Friendly Picnic. Tell each parent to pack a brown bag lunch that is earth friendly. Things like fruit, etc. You supply cloth napkins. After you are finished collect the brown paper bags and make puppets from them. While on your picnic have a race to see who can pick up 3 pieces of trash first.

Mini Terrarium

Need: 2 clear plastic cups, potting soil, transparent tape, radish seed or grass seed.

Soak enough soil to fill one cup half full. Sprinkle the seeds on top. Invert the other cup over the top and tape the seams. Place in a warm, sunny place and wait for the seeds to sprout.

A terrarium is like a tiny world. The top cup is like the sky. It traps the evaporating water from the soil and recycles it over and over.

Other Sites

The Happy Earth Day Coloring Book
by US Environmental Protection Agency

A downloadable 11-page coloring book full of tips for making the Earth a better place.

Endangered Species Coloring Book "Save Our Species"

Marine Debris Coloring Book
Coloring book reminds everyone not to litter

Environmental Coloring Pages

Earth Day Printables
Wordsearch, crossword, coloring pages and more.

Earth Day Hidden Message Puzzle (pdf)

Planetpals Earthzone

An interactive site featuring characters that help teach children the importance of caring for our planet and everything in it. This site also contains printable sections. Printable recycle kit and coloring pages.

The Lorax's Save The Trees Game

I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. I've come here to celebrate Earth Day, so please Come join me and help spread the message I bring. Be a friend to the trees and to each living thing.

Bring your preschoolers, early readers (and anyone needing a homework break) to Dr. Suess' cyberspace playground to catch Truffula seeds in a Shockwave basket.

Play games and learn about nature and the environmental issues.

With this Derby, students will learn the fundamentals of Internet research and discover challenging ideas about ecosystems and important environmental issues. The Derby does all of this in a fun, engaging context!

For Kids Only-Earth Science Enterprise
Learn about NASA earth science projects related to air, land, water, weather. Site features lesson plans and games.

National Arbor Day


Tree Rubbing

Use crayons or chalk to crate rubbings of various tree parts. Place leaves under a single sheet of newsprint. Rub the crayon over the top of the paper until the imprint of the leaf appears. Try making additional rubbings using bark and maple leaves.

Pine Needle Brushes

Cut branches from a pine needle tree. Place the branches at the easel so that the children can use them to apply paint.


Items Made From Trees

Collect items from around the classroom for children to sort and classify as those made from trees as "wooden items" and "non-wooden items." Label and provide boxes or similar containers for the children to place the items. Have the children count the number of items in each category and record the results.


Planting Seeds

Collect and plant seeds from fruits that grow on trees such as apples and citrus fruits. Make and record predictions about when the plants will sprout.

Other Sites

How To Celebrate Arbor Day

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