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Inventions & Inventors

Ancient Inventions

Take a tour of ancient inventions from Smith College History of Science, Mueum of Ancient Inventions.

United States Patent and Trademark Office Kids' Page
Features puzzles, games, and other activities for children.

National Inventors Hall of Fame
Indexes of inventors with brief biographies

Inventions That Changed Our World
Scholastic Theme Unit

Forgotten Inventors
Everyday items from blue jeans to the can opener and tells about people who created them.

Invention Dimension
MIT-inventors and innovators who shape the world around us. Features an Inventor of the Week.

*Lesson Plans

Classroom Inventions

Learn the surprising histories of some simple, yet enormously useful, school tools. Find the answer format with links.

Lesson Plan - Build a Submarine

Inventions That Changed Our World
Scholastic Theme Unit

Inventing a New Kind of Pencil

I Can Live Without It! Worksheet
What invention could you live without and why.

Inventor Biography Worksheet


Inventions, Innovations, and Other Contributions
from Ancient China

Scholastic Lessons Grade 1-2
So Many Inventions!
Story of Silk

From Worm To Silk (sequenceing cards pdf)


Doughnut Hole Inventor Color Page

Inventors Word Search

Another Inventors Word Search


Steve Jobs (1955-2011)
Entrepreneur. Apple Computer


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