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The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear
by Audrey Wood

Little Mouse worries that the big, hungry bear will take his freshly picked, ripe, red strawberry for himself.

A mouse and two strawberries color page.

Easy Bear/Strawberry Maze

David Fickling Books
ISBN: 0385751737

Grizzly Dad
by Joanna Harrison

"Dad woke up in a grrrizzly mood. All morning he groaned and grizzled and grumped. And then he went back to bed! But when I pulled back the covers to see how it wasn't Dad in bed at all...it was a great big grizzly bear!"

The simple text is enhanced by the delightful illustrations that shows what is going on--why Dad is in a grrizzly mood and why he goes back to bed. The young boy in the story wakes his Dad up again to find that his Dad has turned into a HUGE bear. A great big fun loving bear. A playful tale celebrating Dad's and how a bad mood can turn out for the best, and a child's imagination.

A wonderfully warm picture book that celebrates dads (especially the grumpy ones!). A great Father's Day choice.

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Golden Books
ISBN: 0375844031

The Donut Chef (A Golden Classic)
by Bob Staake

"Once upon a summer's day
A donut chef was heard to say:
On this street where people stop,
I'll open up my donut shop!"

A story in catchy rhyme of two donut chefs and the strange donuts they create in competing with each others shop. Their customers soon no longer recognize the results. A bouncy rhyming story with eye-catching art.

Art: After reading the story hand out drawing paper and have children design their own donut.

Golden Books
ISBN: 0375849645

Never Talk to Strangers
by Irma Joyce

If you are hanging from a trapeze
And up sneaks a camel with bony knees,
Remember this rule, if you please—
Never talk to strangers.

Witty whimsical rhyme with clear messages of safety is told in a silly non scary way for young children. Learn the caution and safety of not talking to strangers in a friendly manner with silly rhymes and colorful illustrations.

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Random House Children's Books
ISBN: 0375839011

Anatole by Eve Titus, Paul Galdone (Illustrator)

A reprint of a popular classic. Anatole is a mouse who decides to earn an honest living by tasting cheese in a cheese factory and leaving notes about its quality. A story about honor and one mouse's search for self-respect.

Random House Children's Books
ISBN: 037583902X

Anatole and the Cat
by Eve Titus, Paul Galdone (Illustrator)

A reprint of a popular classic. Although, Anatole and the Cat is a sequel to Anatole, it can be read separately. A cat has infiltrated the cheese factory. In Anatole he is an honorable mouse. In this story Anatole is a brave mouse; the bravest mouse in France!

Daddy Makes the Best Spaghetti
by Anna Grossnickle Hines

Not only does Corey's father make the best spaghetti, but he also dresses up as Bathman and acts like a silly dog with pajama legs for ears.

Make A Family Recipe Book

Fill in the blanks of this sentence:

My ____________ makes the best ______________.

Interview family members to get the recipe and copy it down. Draw a picture to go with it. Fill in the blanks again and again with different people and foods.

Collect the recipes and make pictures for each one. Put them all together. Now you have your own family recipe book!

Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears: A West African Tale
by Verna Aardema

Mosquito tells iguana such a preposterous tall tale that iguana puts sticks in his ears so he won't have to hear her nonsense. This causes a chain of events that upsets all the animals. When lion calls a council to solve the problem, the animals realize mosquito is at fault. To this day, mosquitoes whine in people's ears to ask if everyone is still angry.

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