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Celebrating Passover

Passover is an seven to eight day celebration observed each year by the Jewish religion. It commemorates their liberation by God from slavery in Egypt. It is one of the most important religious festivals in Judism.

Families celebrate Passover by having a seder (a ritual feast held on the first night - or first two nights - at the beginning of Passover). There are special foods, storytelling, songs, and customs. The Haggadah is a book that is read at the Passover table. The haggadah tells the story of the Exodus from Egypt and explains some of the customs and symbols of the holiday.

Torah Tots: Passover
Story, coloring pages, and games. A fun site children will enjoy.

Passover Coloring Book
Large pdf file coloring book to download, print, and color.

Visit the Kids Section for stories, songs, and games..

Passover Symbols color page

Treasure Keys
More Passover links and activities.


Dahyenu (It Would Have Been Enough For Us)

Dayenu is an upbeat song that is part of the seder. It is about the many favors that God bestowed upon the Jewish people when He brought them out of Egypt. It tells of the different historical events experienced by the Israelites, from slavery in Egypt to the building of the Temple in Israel.

Dayenu lyrics in English

Recommended book

The Longest Night: A Passover Story
by Laurel Snyder
Schwartz & Wade
ISBN: 978-0375869426

This Passover picture book in verse tells the biblical story of the Exodus through the eyes of a young slave girl. After only a few pages you will become engrossed in the moving language and emotion that tells the story of the Passover.

The verse builds becoming more passionate with lavishly detailed illustrations accompanying the verse. The story builds and the tempo of the verse becomes more passionate and ends with uplifting verse of the young girl describing freedom from bondage.


Elijah cup color page
Elijah's Cup
Print the template and decorate.

Elijah cup craft
Elijah's Cup Passover Craft
Use an inexpensive wine glass or goblet to create an Elijah's cup.

Paper Seder plate for children
A paper Seder plate for Passover
An easy craft to introduce the elements of the Sedar plate to young children.

Printable Seder Plate

DLTK Passover Crafts
Various crafts for preschool to school-age.


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