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Rainbow Crayons

Line a muffin tin with aluminum foil liners. Place broken crayons in the muffin tin and place in the oven to melt (200-250 degrees).

Image Courtesy of Faythe F.

When the crayons have melted remove from the oven and let cool. Great crayons to color with.

Image Courtesy of Faythe F.

T-Shirt Redo
Recycle and Re-Fashion old T-shirts.


A crafts website that focuses on teaching children to use recyclable materials to make fun crafts and science projects.

MakingFriends-Crafts from Recycled Products
Create crafts from empty jars, old paper, CDs, and more.

Makestuff Recycling
Craft ideas from egg cartons to newspaper and much more.

Make Your Own Paper
Create paper using recycled materials.


Recycle Newspaper

Materials Needed:: newspaper (lots), water, several aluminum, containers, rolling pin, strainer, large spoon or scoop

1. Shred newspaper and put into 1 or 2 containers about 4"
deep depending on how many children will be participating
in this activity.

2. Add water to cover the paper
have children mix with hands until consistency of oatmeal.
This takes quite a long time so the children can take

3. Take one aluminum container and turn it upside down.
4. Strain about 2 scoops of newspaper "goop" and place on
bottom of aluminum pan.

5. Roll it out to cover the whole pan.

6. Blot with newspaper to get as much water out as

7. Keeping a piece of newspaper on top, turn container
over and carefully peal container off the now thin layer
of newspaper goop.

8. Lay it out to dry over 1-2 days. It will be paper
when it is dried and you can carefully peel it off the
newpaper. Contributed by : Noel

Recycle cans to make a BONKO for great music.

Recycle (grade 1)
Experiments on recycling

*Color Pages

Color page on recycling, and more.

Reduce Reuse Recycle
Color pages with information.

*Print & Play

Recycle Bingo
Print and play a recycling theme bingo game.

Planet Protectors Club for Kids
Use your detective skills to help protect the earth! Solve these mysteries and you'll learn how you can take care of the environment too!

*Play Online

I Don't Want To Clean My Room
Help Anita clean her room and learn how to recycle
and reuse objects.

Free the Beach
Free the Beach and save the environment by
dragging the litter to its proper recycling bin.

What's Wrong With This Picture

*Sites to See

An Educational and intercative resource on the Earth.
Designed especially for children.

EPA Environmental Kids Club
Lots of fun and interesting things to read and do to learn about the environment.

The Recycle Guys
A public education campaign. The kids section has an activity book, color pages, and more.

What On Earth Can You Do With A Jelly Jar?
EPA Poster to print for your room (pdf)

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