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100th Day

100th Day

100th Day Cheer

100th day is here, come on give a cheer,
100th day is here, come on give a cheer,
100th day is here,
Hooray, Hooray!
100th day has come, come on join the fun,
100th day is here,

Illustrate the "100th Day Cheer"

Printable 100th Day Certificate


100 Years Old

1. Have children draw a picture of themselves. Collect the pictures and crinkle them up (making wrinkles). Make a college on a bulletin board with the title "100 Years Old".

2. Have children draw a picture of how they will look when they are 100 years old.

100 People We Love Mural

Create a mural of "100 People We Love" to hang in the hall.

100 Eyed Monster at My Mix of 6


Have children write and illustrate the topics: 100 miles, 100 years 100 pounds, 100 dollars.

Scholastic Wacky Wish Poem-print, finish the poem, and color the page.

100th Day Mini Books

100th Day Mini Books from Scholastic (k-2)

Make a list of 100 words the class can read and write to display in the hallway.

100th Day

When I Am 100 (grade 2+)


100 Day Ruler
Need: Computer Paper, pen, ruler, pictures

Take computer paper and tape together or use the kind that is still attached. Have your child make a 100 inch ruler along one side and place pictures of family and friends at their proper height measurement. The top picture can be of an Ostrich because their average height is 100 inches. This ends up to be quite long but looks great hanging up in the classroom.
Contributed By: Kathy S

Sites to See

Hip Hip Hooray for the 100th Day!
Scholastic Geometry Lesson (k-2)

Mathwire 100 Days of School Activities:
Fabulous math activities! Name pattern, 100 ways to represent the number 100 and much more.

Sites to See - Math

100 items in the containers?
On a numbered sheet of paper children guess if the container has 100 items in it. Count the items and tally who got the most correct.

Book Shopping(grade 2+)
A use of all those Scholastic Book order forms! Students look through the book order forms cutting out books (under $5 each) that they would like to "buy" and glue it on a recording sheet include the price. Students use calculators to add totals. The object of the activity is "Spend $100 EXACTLY for Books".


100 Snacks
Need: baggies - preferably the big ones; 10 types of snack food

This activity is great for any age. Set out 10 different types of snack foods (cheezies, M&Ms, Whoppers, grapes, etc). Have the children put 10 of each snack into their baggies. By the time they are finished, they have 100 snacks in their bags. This is great for allowing little children to see how much is 100 and it is excellent to teach older children about multiplication.
Contributed By: Tod D


100 Days of School
Need: Front side of $100 bill blackline, copied and laminated, 1 medium size, white gift bag with handles (with 100 Days on the one side) , 21 copies of the front side of a $100 bill blackline, copied and laminated 21 pencils , 21 crayon erasers (my classroom theme is crayons)

Before my students arrived on the 100th day of school, I hid laminated $100 bills all over the room. When we took a "brain break," the students searched the room for the bills. When all the bills were found, the students could buy a pencil or eraser out of my bag for $100. We did this twice (I hid them again when they were at PE) so every student was guaranteed a pencil and eraser. They had a great time!
Contributed By: Lee Slater
$100 Bill Pattern to print.

100 Riddles and Jokes

Make a class book of 100 riddles and jokes. Have children bring in jokes and riddles (1 on each page) to add to the 100 Riddles and Jokes book.

100 Books Read

Read 100 books collectively As each book is finished pick a child to write the title, author, etc. on round pieces of colored construction paper which is then mounted on the wall.

Counting to the 100th or 101st day of school

Starting on the first day of school, we put a "spot" on the wall (we happen to be counting to 101st day of school to have a black & white party) then each day after we put a new spot up. Every "5" is black and the children clap when we are counting and land on the black spot. After counting to the last spot, we count only the 5's...this helps the children learn to count by one's, five's and ten's.

On the 101'st day of school, everything we do is black and white...and in the amount of 101. Snack, balloon bottom popping, crazy hats that have 101 items on them, 101 gems on a large 101...and of course, watching the movie 101 Dalmatians! Happy Counting!
Contributed By Michele M.

101 Dalmatians Activity Page

Large Motor

Jog in place for 100 seconds.

Do 100 jumping jacks.

Measure off 100 feet and have children race by hopping, skipping, or running.

After exercising take out a stop watch and have 100 seconds of silence!

Online Games

snowball game day 100
100 Snowballs at ABCya.com.
Drag the snowballs to create a picture.

dogbone game day 100

Give the Dog a Bone
A game that works good on a Smartboard. Find 10 hidden dog bones on the 1-100 number square in less than a minute.

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