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Saudi Arabia

Things to Know

Saudi Arabia
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Al-Mamlaka al-Arabiya as-Saudiya

The government is based on the sacred law of Islam. 
The chief government and religious official of Saudi Arabia is the King. 
The current king is King Abdullah .

Saudi Arabia occupy's most of the Arabian Peninsula.

Capital: Riyadh

National Language: Arabic
99% Islam mainly Sunni
1% Other

Saudi Arabia's Flag
Currency: Saudi Riyal


Arabian Camel
The Dromedary has one hump.

Facts about Dromedary Camels

Arabian Horse

Arabian oryx a grazing antelope.


Extreme heat and excessively dry are characteristic of
most of Saudi Arabia.

The shamal, sand-laden winds from the northern deserts, is most frequent in early summer and can blow for days at 25-50 miles an hour.


Bedouin is an Arabic word that means "desert dweller."
are nomads of the desert who inhabit the Middle East and North Africa. They traditional herd animals such as camels and goats.


More than half the area of Saudi Arabia is desert.

Eastern Saudi Arabia is flat and low-lying, an area of salt flats. Its main geographical feature is the gigantic Al-Hasa oasis .

Across the north-west of the country stretches the Nafud desert. The center and north of Saudi Arabia is mostly gravel plains. 

In the south is the Rub Al-Khali (Empty Quarter), the largest sand desert in the world. The desert comprises more than 25% of Saudi Arabia. It is extremely dry and virtually uninhabited. Oil of excellent quality has been found there.

Asir is the relatively fertile area of coastal mountains in the extreme southwest of Saudi Arabia .

Exploring Desert Caves
Caves beneath the desert, pictures and reports on the exploration of caves in Saudi Arabia.


Arabia Lost City


How The Camel Got His Hump (Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling)

The Three Princes


Soccer is a popular sport in Saudi Arabia.

Falconry is a traditional sport which originated centuries ago.


Baking bread is a popular craft in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Fun Facts

The Arab calendar is a lunar calendar . The cycle of the moon's phases takes a little over 29 1/2 days and therefore in an Arab calendar a lunar year contains 354 days and some hours.

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