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Malagasy Republic
Republic of Madagascar
Repoblikan'i Madagasikara
Multiparty republi

Things to Know

The world's fourth largest island.
Southern Africa, island off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean.
Madagasikara is the name of the island in Malagasy.

Capital: Antananarivo

Map of Madagascar

Currency: Malagasy Ariary
Banknotes of Madagascar
Languages: Malagasy and French


Because of its isolation most of its mammals, half its birds, and most of its plants exist nowhere else on earth.

Lemur tree-hopping, furry primate.
Lemurs live in the wild only on the African island of Madagascar and a few neighboring islands.
Lemurs, Ring-Tailed -National Geographic Creature Feature.

Aye Aye ia a species of lemur.

Chameleons creature feature

Madagascar Day Gecko
One of the largest geckos in Madagascar.

The fossa is Madagascar's largest mammal, a cat-like, carnivorous mammal.

Giant Hissing Cockroach

Lowland Streaked Tenrec
lives mainly in the rainforests in Madagascar.

Fauna of Madagascar


Tropical climate with two seasons. A rainy season (December-April) and a dry season (May-November). The island is heavily exposed to tropical cyclones which bring torrential rains and destructive floods.


The Geography of Madagascar
Narrow coastal plain, high plateau and mountains in center.


Baobab tree -National symbol of Madagascar

Also known as the " Monkey-bread tree ", it stores water in its thick trunk.

Flora of Madagascar

Over 1,000 species of orchids grow on the Madagascar island.


Smithsonian. National Museum of African Art. Gifts and Blessings. Textile Arts of Madagascar

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Menu from Madagascar

Wallpapers & Screensaver

Madagascar Screen Saver (pbs site)

Things to Do

Make Paper Orchids (school-age)
Print the template, color, cut, glue.



Lemur Printable Craft







Fun Facts

The true Malagasy serves his meal, as is done in most parts of Africa, on a mat on the floor. Everything is put down at the same time--but in the cities individual plates are used and the utensil is a large spoon (no knives or forks are used).

What do you think is inside this giant egg ?


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