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Doubleday Books for Young Readers
ISBN-13: 978-0385385350

Home Tweet Home
by Courtney Dicmas

A family of ten cave swallow birds live in a nest all together, it occasionally gets crowded. The two oldest siblings, Pippi and Burt, set out to find a bigger space for the family. They explore many locations - the shell of a turtle and the back of a cheetah - learning why each location is not appropriate.

Pippi and Burt have the opportunity to spread their wings and explore but also return home wiser for their adventures. A colorful expressive birds with short sentences will be a hit with younger children.

Guess How Much I Love You
by Sam McBratney

"Guess how much I love you," says Little Nutbrown Hare.

A tale of the love that exist between a parent and child.

The main characters in the book are a father and child. There are not many books where the adult in the story is male. A wonderful story of a love that exist between a parent and child. No matter how much the child loves a parent, a parent will love the child more.

Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0375846743

The Swamps of Sleethe: Poems From Beyond the Solar System
by Jack Prelutsky
Illustrated by Jimmy Pickering

Travel to unexplored planets beyond our solar system with the verse of Jack Prelutsky our nation’s first Children’s Poet Laureate. The verse paints a dangerous universe with places that have quirky made up names. There are anagrams that describe an aspect of the planets. Stunning imaginative illustrations of the aliens and their worlds. A collection that children will enjoy and delight in repeatedly reciting. Ages 8+

Sourcebooks Mediafusion; Book & CD edition
ISBN: 1402203292

Poetry Speaks To Children

This book is a uniquely beautiful anthology of 95 poems with 52 of them read aloud on the accompaning CD. more

Imagine This!
By Joanne Froh
Illustrated by Frances Plagens

A collection of rhyming poems for children, illustrated with black-and-white drawings by artist Frances Plagens. The poems will draw children's attention and imaginations with poems of day dreams and make believe. With wanting to fly, pirates treasure, caves, cardboard box castles, the dark, and much more to encourage dreams and imaginations by journeying into a wonderful world of make believe.

A delightful book a child can keep a lifetime and grow with.

Ten Little Rabbits
by Virginia Grossman

Age Preschool

Weaving, fishing, and storytelling are all part of this spirited book that celebrates Native American traditions as it teaches young children to count from one to ten.

Spring Is Here/Llego La Primavera
by Taro Gomi

Age Preschool

Text and pictures take us through a year of seasons beginning when spring arrives and a calf is born.

Dear Peter Rabbit (Stories to Go!)
by Alma Flor Ada

A series of letters written by fairy tale characters tells a story of friendship between favorite storybook characters.

Penny And The Four Questions (Read With Me Paperbacks
by Nancy E. Krulik

It's finally Penny's turn to ask the four questions at the Passover Seder. But now a special guest is coming, and Penny might not get her chance. A special story of friendship about a little girl who learns the true meaning of Passover.

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